Created in 1983... Our sauce was enjoyed as a special "Family Recipe" and used as a "Dipping Sauce" for our appetizers... Smoked Sausage... And since smoked sausage is usually pre-cooked, it made for the perfect snack and appetizer while we my parents were finishing up the main course. My mom would slice 'em up, call me to the kitchen, and ask me to come make my sauce. Growing up I never really considered just how unique it actually was... nor bottling it! I went years at a time without even making it... till that one day, relatives came over for some special reason or another in which we grilled steaks, and of course, naturally, threw some sausage links on the grill. My wife and I served 'em as a snack or appetizer while the steaks were cooking. Our guests, impressed by the sauce, asked, "Why was this stuff not on the shelves?"... And I could only answer ..."I don't know!"... because I had never once considered it. Realizing, months later, there was no "Sausage Sauce" ever produced, I started thinking... And here we are. Many many Thank You's go out to Cody and Nicole for not just being there that evening, but for enjoying the sauce and for sparking the thought.
 The world's only... " Secret Sausage Sauce "

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