When placing an order to be MIXED-OR-MATCHED, simply give us a quick CALL or TEXT us @ 318.737.9613 and indicate LAST NAME on ORDER and HOW MANY of which kind...

   We are now proud to introduce a few NEW PRODUCTS to our "Original Line".  We also offer the JALAPENO version of the Sausage Sauce which is absolutely perfect for those that just need a "Light" kick!  The Original and Jalapeno Sausage Sauce say it all: A "dipping" sauce created for grilled and smoked sausage.  Our "Professional" Steak Brush & Marinade is a must for all. It has taken 1st Place numerous times and been used in restaurants even as a glaze.  We use it as the perfect marinade and brush it on while we cook.  As far as the "5 Minute Marinade", it is simply for EVERYTHING ELSE... Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, ect.  Packed with more flavor than one could explain and known as the "Awesome Sauce". Perfect on "anything"... 

    We offer the 3-Bottle order @ 6.00/ea. and the 5-Bottle order @ 5.60/ea. Shipping is the same for each. Both are shipped in the standard Medium Flat Rate via USPS which includes tracking and ins. at no extra fee. 

     We also offer "THE BIG DADDY" order that cuts costs even further.  Most consider the "3-Bottle" order a one month supply. So for those that essentially order a 10 month supply we include 2 FREE months. This includes a total of 36 bottles shipped for the year. 9 bottles to your door every quarter/3 mo. (unless you want them all at once).  And these can be MIXED & MATCHED however you choose as well.  That's 3 total cases (36 bottles) @ 5.41/ea. plus the shipping and tax. The "Big Daddy" order allows you to not only lock in the price for the year but also allows you to change your next quarterly supply giving you even more flexibility. So if you want a variation, we've got it covered. Same as MIXING & MATCHING the other orders, when placing "The Big Daddy Order", just shoot shoot us a quick TEXT or CALL us @ 318.737.9613 and lets us know how you want your 9. We will send you an e-mail and a text a week ahead of your next shipment to confirm your choice. It's that easy!  


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